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Dosimetry provides a service imperative to the well-being of those near radiation sources. The service monitors for acceptable levels of radiation to ensure levels do not exceed occupational dose limits. In today's fast-paced world, reliable and convenient radiation monitoring services are more important than ever. We do all the work behind the scenes so healthcare providers can focus on helping others.

A complete package at an affordable price:

Contact Dosimetry Customer Service directly at 1.800.381.9221

Standard Body Badges

Standard Body Badges

TLD XBGN badge is a four element dosimeter for monitoring ionizing radiation and are ideal for the medical, dental, veterinary and nuclear industries. Assign reporting periods based on your specific needs of monthly, bi-monthly, or once a quarter.

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Badge Boards

Badge Boards

Help avoid late, lost or damaged badges by providing employees a secure place to store them. Badge boards help limit the possibility of false readings which commonly occur when badges are accidentally taken out of the building and misplaced.

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Download Dose Reports

Download Dose Reports

Log in to your account or register your existing account for online access through MP Biomedicals MyRadCare. View your badge details and download any past dose reports.


A convenient solution for your dosimetry needs

We offer a complete package to meet your safety and regulatory requirements

Reliability in reading dosimeter badges is of the utmost importance to us and you can be assured that your results will be accurate and precise every time. For one low cost, we provide:

  • Dosimetry badges for any employee
  • Control badge
  • Report for your safety and regulatory filings on monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly intervals
  • Online access to download any dose report on file
  • Color coded badges to identify departments or groups
  • No fees to ship badges in the middle of a wear cycle
  • No fees for duplicate copies of reports when requested
  • No fees for NRC Form 5
  • No fees for invoices to be mailed or emailed
  • No cancellation fees
  • Addressed return envelopes so handling the return is simple and easy

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