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Cellmaxx™ fetal bovine serum, new Zealand origin

Cellmaxx™ fetal bovine serum, new Zealand origin

SKU 0929176-CF
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Product Description

Fetal Bovine Serum (FBS) is the growth supplement of choice in cell culture due to its high level of nutrients. This CellMaxx FBS comes from the pristine grasslands of New Zealand where the cattle are tracked throughout their life and has never had BSE or FMD meaning it has the lowest possible viral risk. It is produced to the highest standards to ensure product performance and viral safety while maintaining minimal lot-to-lot variability. Each lot is tested in MBDK, hybridoma, MRC-5 and Vero cell lines for growth promotion. The absence of ten viruses is confirmed according to 9CFR.
Endotoxin: 5IU/ mL
IgG: 400 mg/ L
Hemoglobin: <18 mg/ mL

SKU 0929176-CF
Formulation Details Liquid, Sterile, Frozen
Format Liquid