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Transluminator, compact, 365/302 nm

Transluminator, compact, 365/302 nm


Key features and details

The MP Bio Transilluminator offers two wave-length for different applications. For the detection of double-stranded and single-stranded ethidium bromide/acridine orange stained nucleic acids..

SKU: 11INSU9301

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1 Each
Product Description

The MP Bio Transilluminator offers the researcher uniform and intense sources of ultraviolet light (radiation) in a compact package. The 302nm UV back-illumination provides a highly sensitive method to detect double-stranded nucleic acids that have been labeled with fluorescent dyes such as ethidium bromide or acridine orange. Single stranded nucleic acids may be detected, but with a lower excitation wavelength more sensitive for nucleic acid visualization than the 365nm model.

SKU 11INSU9301
Base Catalog Number INSU9301
Dimensions 35;6 x 27;9 x 12;2 cm
Hazard Statements NA
Pack Size 1 Each
Personal Protective Equipment UV protective glasses
Safety Symbol NA