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DNA Extraction Kits

FastDNA SPIN Kits for Soil - A Proven Gold Standard Method

Cited in over 5000 scientific publications, the FastDNA Spin Kit for Soil delivers the highest DNA yield from any environmental sample (soil, sediments, sludge, compost, manure, rhizosphere or waste water).

Complete lysis of all organisms including historically difficult sources such as eubacterial spores and endospores, gram positive bacteria, yeast, algae, nematodes and fungi can be obtained within seconds with a FastPrep instrument or other high-speed reciprocating bead beater. Following lysis, samples are centrifuged to pellet soil, cell debris and lysing matrix. DNA is purified from the supernatant with a silica-based GeneClean® procedure using Spin filters. Eluted DNA is ready for PCR, restriction digest, electrophoresis and any other desired application.

The FastDNA Spin Kits for Soil contain Lysing Matrix E tubes (2ml or 50ml tubes) and all the reagents needed to extract DNA in a process that efficiently removes humic acids and other PCR inhibitors.

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