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CELLect fetal bovine serum, silver, Mexico origin

CELLect fetal bovine serum, silver, Mexico origin

SKU 0929161-CF
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Product Description

CELLect™ Silver is collected from a U.S.D.A. regulated and monitored abbatoir by technicians who work "on-site" where the fetal blood is aseptically collected via cardiac puncture. This raw material is transported to the production facility where it undergoes sterilization via filtration with multiple 0.1 micron filters. The care and diligence taken in handling the fetal serum minimizes cell lysis and other detrimental factors thereby reducing possible lysozyme and hemoglobin contamination. This translates into increased performance in the final product. It is supplied sterile, with no detectable mycoplasma or viral infection.

Key Applications

Mammalian Cell Culture | Stem Cell Culture

SKU 0929161-CF
Base Catalog Number 2916149
Concentration Protein 3.1 - 4.4 g/dL
Format Liquid
Formulation Details Liquid | Glucose 27.1 mg/dL; Sodium 138 mmol/L; Potassium 14.9 mmol/L; Chloride 96 mmol/L; B.U.N. 14.28 mg/dL; Creatinine 2.7 mg/dL; Uric Acid 1.3 mg/dL; Calcium 2.65 mmol/L; Phosphorus 2.7 mmol/dL; Albumin 2.65 g/dL; Total Bilirubin 0.16 mg/dL; ALT (SGPT) 2 IU/L; Alkaline phosphatase 274 IU/L; AST (SGOT) 18 IU/L; LDH 472 IU/L; Cholesterol 23.20 mg/dL; Triglycerides 17.40 mg/dL | Liquid
pH 6.7 - 7.8