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Deltamethrin, 25 mg

Deltamethrin, 25 mg


SKU: 0215889825

Decamethrin; (S)-α-cyano-3-phenoxybenzyl-(1R)-cis-3-(2,2-dibromvinyl)-2,2-dimethylcyclopropancarboxylate
CAS Number:
Molecular Formula:
Molecular Weight:
505.206 g/mol
Beilstein Registry Number:
EC Number:
Packaging size:
25 mg
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Product Description

Usage Statement

Research Use Only (RUO). Ready for CE IVD labeling of clinical applications.

SKU 0215889825
Alternate Names Decamethrin; (S)-α-cyano-3-phenoxybenzyl-(1R)-cis-3-(2,2-dibromvinyl)-2,2-dimethylcyclopropancarboxylate
Base Catalog Number 15889825
Beilstein Registry Number 6746312
Biochemical Physiological Actions Deltamethrin is a type II semi-synthetic pyrethrin, which acts as a potent inhibitor of calcineurin (protein phosphatase 2B) and has an IC50 of about 100 pM. This inhibitory action results in cellular hyperexcitability by causing non-mutated calcium channels to remain open for an extended period of time allowing an abundance of Ca2+ to enter the cell. Some sodium channel mutations such as the L993F mutation in Xenopus oocytes show decreased sensitivity to deltamethrin.
CAS # 52918-63-5
Density (water = 1): 0.5
EC Number 258-256-6
Format Powder
Hazard Statements H301 + H331-H410
Melting Point 90 deg C
Molecular Formula C22H19Br2NO3
Molecular Weight 505.206 g/mol
Pack Size 25 mg
Personal Protective Equipment Eyeshields, Faceshields, Gloves, respirator cartridges
RTECS Number GZ1233000
Safety Symbol GHS06, GHS09
Solubility Solubility; in <a class="pubchem-internal-link CID-7967" href="https://pubchem.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/compound/cyclohexanone">cyclohexanone</a> 750, <a class="pubchem-internal-link CID-6344" href="https://pubchem.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/compound/dichloromethane">dichloromethane</a> 700, <a class="pubchem-internal-link CID-180" href="https://pubchem.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/compound/acetone">acetone</a> 500, <a class="pubchem-internal-link CID-241" href="https://pubchem.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/compound/benzene">benzene</a> 450, <a class="pubchem-internal-link CID-679" href="https://pubchem.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/compound/dimethyl%20sulphoxide">dimethyl sulphoxide</a> 450, xylene 250, <a class="pubchem-internal-link CID-3776" href="https://pubchem.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/compound/isopropanol">isopropanol</a> 6 (all in g/L at 20 deg C)
Usage Statement Research Use Only (RUO). Ready for CE IVD labeling of clinical applications.
Vapor Pressure 9.3X10-11 mm Hg at 25 deg C

Certificates of Analysis

Certificates of Analysis
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Certificates of Analysis
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