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IVD Manufacturer you can trust

MP Biomedicals is a global IVD product manufacturer and supplier with more than 30 years of history producing high quality diagnostic products. Over the years, MP Biomedicals products have been tested and consistently proven to deliver high performance results. Many experts worldwide consider MP Biomedicals Immunoblot line to be the benchmark and gold standard in confirmatory diagnosis.

ELISA kits

Equipped with state-of-the-art automation to ensure consistent coating & post-coating processes for the manufacturing of coated ELISA microplates. Production Capacity: Up to 6,000 microplates per batch.

Lateral Flow Rapid Tests

Rapid test device and kit assembly are fully automated. Production Capacity: Up to 20,000 pouched devices in 1 day.


Full production capability for Western Blots and Line Immunoassays.

Consistent Quality Management

Consistent Quality Management

ISO-13485 certified diagnostics products facility in Singapore provides customers with a high internal quality management system for medical devices and ensuring product specifications are consistently met. At MP Biomedicals, we have an experienced regulatory team to work with customers on the manufacturing documentations under our quality management system guidelines.

A One-Stop Solution for all Your IVD Manufacturing Needs

From production and assembly, QC, technical support and regulatory, to the final commercialization of your product, MP Biomedicals is your trusted partner for IVD manufacturing. We have built a solid network of trusted distributors around the world to reach global markets. At MP Biomedicals, we can help manage all aspects of your manufacturing needs and every step in between. Contact us today to explore the endless possibilities.