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Save time and keep your projects moving with all the right compounds delivered fast

From raw materials to custom adsorbents, active pharmaceutical compounds to purified proteins, MP Bio can deliver the exact chemical(s) you need at the scales and grades your project requires. With our extensive network of manufacturing facilities that include FDA licensed and cGMP-compliant labs, you can save time looking for different vendors and bring all your project needs to us—we’re the company other chemical vendors come to for hard-to-find compounds or fast turn-around-times.

Targeted Production & Materials

Dependable cGMP-Compliant and FDA Licensed Facilities

Dependable cGMP-Compliant and FDA Licensed Facilities

MP Bio offers high-quality, flexibility, expanding capabilities, and rapid communication to ensure your unique manufacturing needs are met.

We have cGMP-compliant and FDA licensed facilities in the USA and Singapore, and our worldwide facilities are certified to ISO 13485:2016 or ISO 9001:2015 as part of the multi-step process towards meeting and exceeding regulatory compliance standards.


Strategic Sourcing and Fine Chemicals

Stay productive with a single source that can deliver on all of your custom chemical manufacturing needs, quickly and affordably. With a global network of manufacturing facilities and a responsive customer service team dedicated to providing a quality customer experience, you can depend on MP Bio.

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Custom Adsorbents Production

MP Bio produces a wide selection of high-quality adsorbents with standardized activities and extremely low lot-to-lot variations for laboratory and industrial applications.

With the most extensive selection of alumina in the market, a complete range of silica, and the ability to customize our products, we can meet every chromatography and filtration need.

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Vast Selection of Organic Synthesis Services Generating High Quality Compounds

Get reliable, end-to-end organic synthesis services—from R&D to commercial manufacturing— producing high-quality products and minimizing multi-vendor stress. With MP Bio, you can scale-up multi-step organic synthesis from microscale to multiton production using your specific molecules of choice with uncompromised quality and rapid communication to efficiently move your projects forward.

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Regulatory-certified eMPoweredTM Raw Materials

Find high-quality materials for all your product needs in our portfolio of over 100+ eMPowered raw materials or, reach out to our knowledgeable support team—just because it’s not on the website doesn’t mean we can’t make or source it. Choose MP Bio for the fastest, safest, and most dependable way to get your product to market.

Our product categories include:

  • Buffers & Salts
  • Amino Acids & Enzymes
  • Nucleosides & Nucleotides
  • Specialty Chemicals


Chromatography Purified Animal-Derived Protein Production

Set your experiments up for success by using our high-quality proteins—chromatographically purified to ensure the highest purity and integrity.

Get reliable, reproducible results—every day and every experiment—with our widely-used and widely-cited bovine proteins, available in various grades to meet your needs.