Microbiology Culture Media Categories

Escherichia Coli media

Conventional as well as specialty formulations supporting high density growth of E.coli.

Lambda and filamentous phage media

Pre-mixed formulations for the propagation of Lambda and M13 phages as well as other bacteriophages.

Raw materials for media preparation

High-quality molecular biology certified raw materials and additives.

Saccharomyces Cerevisiae media

Complex and Synthetic Defined Growth Media. Yeast Nitrogen Bases, sugars, and amino acids dropout mixtures.

Schizosaccharomyces Pombe media

Wide variety of standard growth media formulations as well as minimal defined growth media.

Plating tools

A variety of unique tools for microbial cultures on agar plates.

Top Culture Media Products


Encapsulated Growth Media

A comprehensive line of high-quality growth media in capsules for the ultimate in convenience & accuracy.

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Sample Preparation Brochure

Extraction and purification of DNA, RNA, and proteins from all samples with FastPrep systems, lysing matrix and kits.

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Environmental brochure

A complete solution from sample preparation to molecular analysis of environmental samples.

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Custom Media Formulations

If you cannot find the media variation you need in our extensive pre-mixed media list, we can easily make it for you out of our Molecular Biology Certified raw materials.

Following strict, commercial manufacturing guidelines, our experienced media team creates your custom recipe and helps you develop the media format that is best for your application.

If you are looking for the ultimate in ease and convenience, MP Bio media capsules eliminate waste, inaccuracies and mess associated with weighing out bulk powder. Simply drop the capsules in water and autoclave!

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