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Yeast Media

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Casein hydrolysate enzymatic

Casein hydrolysate enzymatic

Casein hydrolysate enzymatic is a pancreatic hydrolysate of casein. This hydrolysate contains, in the form of mixed amino acids and peptides, all amino acids originally present in casein. It is a refined product providing high quality soluble source of amino acids,polypeptides and peptides.


2XYT-broth agar, capsules

Nutritional rich medium providing nitrogen and growth factors optimized for the growth of recombinant Escherichia coli strains infected with the M13 bacteriophage or other filamentous single stranded DNA bacteriophages. Encapsulated Media. Simply drop capsules in water and autoclave -

IPTG, powder

IPTG, powder

Ultra-pure. For use in gene expression, transformation and cloning

YES, powder

YES, powder

YES Agar is a nutritionally rich medium for the growth of S. pombe containing dextrose, yeast extract and agar.