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A Complete Portfolio of Molecular Biology Products

All at your Fingertips

Providing Excellence and Expertise in Molecular Biology

With years of manufacturing and laboratory experience, MP Biomedicals provides a premium, complete workflow solution for molecular biology research studies. The product range includes sample homogenization and lysis tools, DNA and RNA extraction and purification kitsPCR enzymes and mastermixes, as well as transformation kits and gel electrophoresis and hybridization products.

DNA & RNA Purification Kits and Reagents

DNA & RNA Purification Kits and Reagents

Genomic DNA and total RNA extraction and purification kits to isolate DNA and RNA from soil, feces, bacteria, tissue and more. Kits for plasmid purification and DNA purification from PCR reaction as well as gel isolation and reaction cleanup are also available.

For automated DNA, RNA, and viral nucleic acid purification, the MPure-12 platform is the ideal solution for processing up to 12 samples with a true walk-away system. Reagents kits are available including extraction kits for blood, tissue, plant DNA and more. Each kit is designed for 48 preps and pre-packaged for a fully automated run.


PCR and qPCR Reagents

A comprehensive portfolio of solutions designed to meet your PCR and qPCR research needs

As an established manufacturer of PCR polymerases, the product range covers requirements for standard PCR, hot-starthigh-fidelity, multiplex PCR and real-time PCR.

PCR Kits

Electrophoresis and Hybridization
High quality products for proven and reliable results

Electrophoresis and Hybridization

MP Biomedicals provides a wide range of both specialty and standard products for electrophoresis and hybridization. Unless otherwise specified, all of the reagents are "molecular biology grade" to guarantee the highest level of quality in molecular biology applications.


Cloning and Transformation
Easy procedures and minimal hands-on time

Cloning and Transformation

Cloning agents and transformation kits provide simple and efficient methods for the transformation of Escherichia coliAgrobacterium tumefaciens and Agrobacterium rhizogenes cells as well as Saccharomyces cerevisiae.


FastPrep® Lysis Beads & Matrix Tubes for Sample Disruption

  • Optimal cell disruption for any sample
  • Size of the beads and composition optimized according to the sample
  • No cross contamination with closed Lysing Matrix tubes
  • Available in 2 mL, 4.5 mL, 15 mL, 50 mL tubes or 96 well plates
  • Fit any high-speed bead-beating homogenizers
  • Validated worldwide with 3,000+ Lysing Matrix specific publications

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Find everything your Molecular Biology lab needs

A broad showcase of labware including cell and tissue culture supplies, Titertek™ pipettes and tips, centrifuge tubes and plates, bottles and flasks are available for your research process. We also provide liquid scintillation supplies, electrophoresis apparatus, detergents, sanitizers and cleaning supplies. Find that handy gadget, flask, or lab tool in our comprehensive labware library.

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