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Genomic DNA Isolation

Sodium Phosphate Buffer

Sodium Phosphate Buffer


Component of the FastDNA SPIN Kit for Soil and FastDNA SPIN Kit for Feces.

Spin module and recovery tubes

Spin module and recovery tubes


Supplied as standard or optional components in GENECLEAN®, MERmaid™, FASTDNA™, and FASTRNA™ Kits they allow rapid execution of the separation, washing, and elution steps.


FastDNA™ SPIN Kit for Soil Samples, 50 preps


For the isolation of high-quality bacterial, fungal, plant, and animal genomic DNA from soil and other environmental samples. Uses Lysing Matrix E for cell lysis and a silica-based spin filters for purification.


FastDNA™ SPIN Kit, 100 preps


Used with any FastPrep® Instrument to lyse and subsequently isolate DNA from up to 200 mg of almost any sample in less than 30 minutes. Updated version of the well-known FastDNA™ Kit.

GNOME® DNA Isolation kit

GNOME® DNA Isolation kit


For quick and efficient isolation of up to 100 µg of high molecular weight genomic DNA from cells and tissues of any type, including bacteria, yeast, plant, and animal cells.

NEW Wash Buffer, concentrate

NEW Wash Buffer, concentrate


Concentrated solution of NaCl, Tris, and EDTA supplied with the GeneClean® kits.

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