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Bead Beating Instruments

The FastPrep® family of benchtop instruments utilize bead-beating technology to lyse, homogenize and grind routine and difficult samples in 40 seconds or less. A completely self-contained system, FastPrep instruments eliminate the risk of cross-contamination and time-consuming clean up. The use of interchangeable adapters offers exceptional versatility in sample size and temperature with ambient, cryogenic and all-metal options.

FastPrep systems can quickly and efficiently process routine and resistant samples, including plant, root, soil, waste water, skin, tissue, bones, hair, seeds, spores and feces, as well as mineral samples and building material.

Optimize the complete sample preparation workflow with FastPrep instruments, Lysing Matrix tubes and DNARNA and Protein extraction kits. Isolate high yields of purified nucleic acid or protein, ready-to-use in environmentalplant research, genomics, proteomics, forensics, cancer research and other applications.

No matter how tough, tiny or dirty your samples, nothing resists the crushing lysis efficiency of FastPrep instruments.

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